Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install the game in Windows?
A: After purchase the install file will be automatically downloaded. Look for the file named ‘’ in your Downloads folder and double click to open it. Next, double click the qiasetup.exe file contained inside. You may be prompted to allow access depending on your Windows version. Click ‘Yes’, or ‘Allow’, and follow the prompts to complete setup and begin your adventure!

Q: How do I move around?
A: You use the mouse to look around and move forward with ‘W’, backwards with ‘S’, strafe (step sideways) left with ‘A’, and right with ‘D’. You can also use the arrow keys if you prefer. The left mouse button is the default “action” button. Key bindings can be changed on the opening options screen by clicking the ‘Input’ tab.

Q: How do I quit mid-game?
A: Since the island is small, there is no time limit, no saving, and no in-game options I decided not to include a pause/exit menu. If you decide that survival is not worth it and you must give up on living just jump off the nearest island ledge plunging to a watery death (a.k.a. return to the main menu).

Q: What is Gumroad?
A: Gumroad is a service that assists small companies, or independent developers and artists, in selling digital products easily. They handle some of the dirty work giving me more time to concentrate on making great new games!

 Q: Do you plan on making QIA on other platforms?
A: Yes, I’m working on a version for OSX and Linux. No plans for a mobile version of this game though.

Q: I’m having trouble beating the game.  Is there a walkthrough?
A: If there is, it’s not here. Qia’s an adventure game… the fun is in figuring it out! The one hint I’ll give is: follow the beaten path.

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